Let's Get Started!

What are the steps?

  1. Call or email Springbok Pet Wellness to book an initial physical rehabilitation or massage assessment appointment at your home or clinic. 
  2. Referral paperwork to be filled out by your regular veterinarian prior to appointment for physical rehabilitation, no referral paperwork required for massage. 
  3. A consent form provided by Springbok Pet Wellness will be signed at the time of the first appointment. 
  4. Once the assessment has been completed, results will be interpreted and a customized treatment plan will be created. 
  5. Progress assessments will be performed periodically to determine how your pet is improving, and if any changes need to be made to the current treatment plan.
  6. Payment can be arranged through participating facilities or directly through Springbok Pet Wellness. 

What's involved in a physical rehabilitation and massage assessment?

  1. A physical assessment is performed including, but not limited to; orthopaedic, neurologic examinations. 
  2. Goniometry and circumference measurements are performed to assess muscling and range of motion. 
  3. Pictures and videos are taken to assess gait and conformity.
  4. An exercise plan is created based on above information.
  5. For massage: a physical assessment is done to determine where the painful areas are and if there are any other physical concerns. A 15 minute, introduction massage is also performed. 

How does pricing work?

With Springbok Pet Wellness being a mobile service, prices are determined by the following:

  • Location of where the services are being performed
  • Time of day of appointment 

Please contact us for accurate pricing.