About Physical Rehabilitation and Massage


What are they?

They are the application of physical intervention to specific parts of the body to improve mobility, physiological functionality due to impairments, disabilities and pain. These are treatments chosen based on examination findings, diagnoses, and diagnostic tests performed by veterinarians, rehabists, and rehab assistants. 


Who can receive Physical Rehabilitation and Massage?

Any pet that:

  • Had or will be undergoing surgery
  • Has arthritis
  • Is in pain
  • Is overweight
  • Has suffered an injury
  • Is suffering from a disc condition
  • Is experiencing abnormal movement of limbs
  • Is a show dog or cat, working dog, or an athlete
  • And more, the services are endless!


How can our services help your pet?

  • Reduce pain from arthritis
  • Increase speed of recovery from an injury or surgery
  • Improve quality of life
  • Provide psychological enrichment and help create a stronger human-animal bond with your and your pet
  • Prevent injuries
  • Decrease the need for medications
  • Using a non-invasive approach for your pet